Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Dream Realized

I must have been 10 when my mother gave me a book titled Mistress of Mellyn, by Victoria Holt.
It is a tale about a romance between a young governess and her handsome employer which is hampered by the mystery surrounding the tragic death of his first wife. Looking to solve the mystery, the young woman starts poking around the gloomy corners of the spooky mansion set on the wild Cornish cliffs.

Five books later, and I was smitten with England. My daydreams were filled with castles, cliffs, rocky coasts, and a deep sense of history. All through school, I read everything I could on British history and geography. I fell in love with Agatha Christie and mysteries set in Great Britain. 

 Fast forward 45 years...

In 9 days I'll be taking off on the trip of my dreams. 

London, Glastonbury, Cornwall, Oxford, and the Cotswolds with Anne, my favorite travelling buddy!

Stay tuned, because there's more to come!

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