Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Yesterday was a long day, spent in enjoyable pursuits, which is why this post is delayed. A bus, a train, and a bus got us to the Lost Gardens of Heligan around 11:30 am.  There are several different areas to explore, so we took the map provided at the ticket office and planned our strategy. We decided to explore the restored woodlands and the lost valley. It was such a peaceful walk, with little surprises along the way - like the Giant's Head sculpture, and Tamworth pigs that root on fallen fruit and nuts.

Coming out of the woods we passed the poultry orchard where several varieties of duck, geese, and chickens happily roam free. We also passed cows, sheep, and emus grazing in other pastures, enjoying the fresh air and succulent grasses. All the meat and vegetables served in the tearoom are raised on the estates, and believe me, the freshness and taste is exceptional.

Some of the paths were fairly steep, so by the time we made it back to where the tearoom was located we were tired and hungry.  The lunch we had surpassed all expectations!  Roast sirloin of beef with potatoes boulangere, roasted parsnips and cauliflower, and fresh string beans. Everything grown on the farm at Heligan! Even my nephew, Chris, would approve! (wink, wink)

After lunch we explored the vegetable and flower gardens. Melons, beans, greens, root vegetables, onions, pears, apples, boysenberries, even pineapples thrive under the loving care of the Heligan gardeners. Beautiful walled gardens full of flowers, with fountains and seating areas, made it a joy to explore.

While touring the productive vegetable garden, Anne got flirty with the resident scarecrow. Shameless! But you just never know what she might do.

Afterwards, we returned to the tearoom for some delicious Cornish ice cream. Sitting outside in the courtyard, we enjoyed the sunshine and the multitude of finches, industriously cleaning up any stray crumbs. Having some time to spare, we looked around the gift shop and then returned to the tearoom for some more wine before starting the walk back to the bus stop.

A bus, a train, and a taxi got us home, and after a small bite to eat, we relaxed a bit before going to bed. Today, we are walking over to the Mount for a tour of the village and some sticky toffee pudding!  Stay tuned...

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