Monday, September 21, 2015

Shopping day in Cornwall...

I took my time waking up today. It felt good to not have to be anywhere at any particular time. Anne fixed coffee and a delicious breakfast for us, then after we cleaned up the kitchen, and got dressed, we proceeded to plan our strategy for the day.  Main objective: grocery shopping.

Reading bus schedules is one of my least favorite things to do, but we had a general idea of when the bus we needed was going to come along. So, list in hand, we meandered over to the bus stop, and after waiting about 10 minutes we boarded the bus to the Tesco Superstore.  

For those of you envisioning Walmart in the West Country - stop. Although not of gargantuan proportions, it had a wonderful variety of just about anything edible. 

Did I say how reasonably priced the produce was?  And how fresh?  And that I'm eating pasture-raised eggs that don't cost $10 a dozen? And that "bacon" here is like "ham" back home?  Eat your hearts out! We picked up some local Cornish cheeses, that we will test drive with some wine tomorrow. You had to know there would be wine involved!

our apt is in the building on the left
After loading most of the groceries in my back pack along with two tote bags that Anne lugged around, we trudged back to the bus stop to await the bus that would return us to Marazion. Luckily, we didn't have to wait too long. Once we were back at the apartment, we slowly made our way up the stairs as we were heavily laden with foodstuffs. We quickly put the groceries away and then celebrated our return with a cold Guinness!

Feeling refreshed, we made our way to the pharmacy, and post office/store to pick up a few items we missed. We were blessed with wonderful weather today, and had no worries about being rained on. In fact we have only had to use our umbrellas once since we arrived in England!

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we are going to take a short walk up the southwest coast path to the little village of Perranuthnoe. Yes, it seems like a mouthful, but it's pronounced perran-UTH-no.
Hopefully, I'll have some good photos to share tomorrow evening.

Stay tuned!

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