Monday, September 28, 2015

The Path Less Traveled

photo credit: BBC One
Dutifully, we arose at 2:45 am to see the lunar eclipse.  The sky was perfectly clear, the moon small, and high, but we were able to see it from the lounge window in the apartment.  I managed to be able to watch for about 45 minutes, and then had to return to bed. It was the first total lunar eclipse I ever witnessed and was grateful that we had such a good view of it. Needless to say our feeble attempts at photos failed, which I knew they would.

Waking up later than normal, we opted to skip breakfast, have some coffee, and then we noticed that the causeway to the Mount was open.  So we dressed, and made our way down to the beach and walked the causeway over to St Michael's Mount for lunch. After some delicious sandwiches and skinny chips, I decided to take another look around the gift shop, then we walked back down the causeway to the village.

Some quiet time spent reading, and digesting lunch, was followed
by a lovely walk up the east end of the village to where a footpath leads to the SW Coast Path.  It was pretty steep in spots, as is the walk to the east end of the village.  We followed the path until it came out onto a wild and rocky stretch of beach.  A ladder ascended the side of the cliff, but one had to traverse some large boulders to get there, and we weren't feeling quite that adventurous. The views were breathtaking, so we lingered a few minutes before hiking back up the path and returning to the main street.

A cold beverage was called for, after all the walking and the steep hills, so we stopped in at the Fire Engine Inn. It's pretty much a locals' pub with great atmosphere, a wonderful proprietor, and a fantastic view of Mounts Bay. We had a lovely pint of Guinness, and a nice chat with Trevor, the proprietor, who gave us a little of the history of the pub and the village.

I considered a second pint, since the first was so good, but we needed to head back to the apartment because it was getting to be supper time.

After a delicious supper we cleaned the kitchen, and got our showers, and now are relaxing a bit before bed.  Tomorrow is an early day as we are heading to the Lost Gardens of Heligan. It's going to be a wonderful excursion and I can't wait!

Stay tuned...

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