Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Shopping, Napping, and Snapping...

kitchen window view
Last night's storm gave way to a beautiful morning and a beautiful day. The air was fresh and cool, and very breezy. After some breakfast, we decided to tour the village and do some shopping. We started off downstairs, at our landlord's establishment: Seagrove Gallery.  They have a large selection of art and gifts, and we had a good time chatting it up with Ian and his wife. They also serve cream teas, which we will partake of before leaving!

The village was crowded today, but we made it through the various art galleries and gift shops, as well as the post office/store. We topped off our tour of the village with a stop at the village pasty shop for a real, genuine Cornish pasty.  It was delectable! The pasty shop is also the pastry shop and the young lady there makes scones the size of basketballs! Just kidding, but they are pretty big!

My throat was feeling a bit sore and I felt like resting this afternoon, so I read while Anne grabbed a nap. It was delightful to be able to just sit and read with the sun streaming through the windows, and the fresh air moving through the room.

causeway and castle at sunset

Tuesday nights, they turn on the flood lights to illuminate the castle, so Anne fixed us a light supper, and we bundled up ourselves, grabbed our cameras, and went down to get a good vantage point to try to photograph the castle lit up.  We were in luck because the tide was still low enough to be able to walk partway out on the causeway and onto Chapel Rock.

Without a tripod it was difficult to get great pictures in such low light, but I managed to get a couple of acceptable shots out of the plethora of photos that I took.  But the temperature was mild, there was almost no wind, and it was nice to stroll around outside and watch the sunset and the castle light up.

Tomorrow we plan to visit the Eden Project, which I am very excited about!

Stay tuned...

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