Thursday, September 17, 2015

Arrived in One Piece

This post is a bit late, but I had no internet service last night.

Sunrise over the Atlantic
After a long flight, and little sleep, I met Anne at Heathrow. Her flight from Toronto was delayed almost an hour, so we had a bit of a mad rush for the train to Paddington. The staff at Heathrow are outstanding, since I had some trouble locating Anne at her terminal, and they were very helpful. We made it in time to arrive at Paddington in time to catch the 11:06 am train to Castle Cary.

The approach to London
We arrived at Hawthorn's a bit earlier than check-in but our host took us up to our room with no problem, which was a good thing, since we were standing on the doorstep in the rain.

After settling in we had a bit of ramble to get to know the area, stopped at the George and Pilgrim (reputed to be haunted) for a pint, and then ended up at the King Arthur for supper. If you are ever in Glastonbury, stop at the King Arthur for the best fish and chips you'll ever eat in your life! The portions are massive, so bring a hearty appetite with you!  We have decided that we will try the steak and Guinness pie tonight. I can't wait to taste it!

Back at the room, we got our showers and settled into our jammies and relaxed. By 7 PM local time we couldn't stay awake any longer and went to sleep.  Thirteen hours later, we woke up, extremely well-rested and made our way down to breakfast.

Our host, Simon, prepared a wonderful full English breakfast for us, and now, we are fueled up for a day of walking. If the weather holds, we plan on walking up Glastonbury Tor, and exploring the Chalice Well and White Springs.

Stay tuned...

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