Saturday, September 26, 2015

Easy Peasy Day

gull on old wall near the harbor
Today was an easy kind of day. We woke up when we felt like it, ate a nice breakfast, which Anne prepared, and started our laundry.  After cleaning up the breakfast dishes, and hanging up the laundry to dry, we decided to take a little walk to get some fresh air.

We went along to one of the shops where I spotted a gift I thought my mother would like. (Sorry, Mama, you'll have to wait to see what it is!) After that, we wandered through the village a bit, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

tea garden

Upon returning from the walk we stopped in at the Seagrove Gallery Tea Garden, below our flat, and had a real Cornish cream tea.

The weather was perfect for sitting at the nice tables in the courtyard in front of the gallery. We had the whole place to ourselves!

The cream tea was wonderful!

Real clotted cream from Cornwall is like nothing you have ever tried before. Rich, light, fresh, wonderful!  Made from real Cornish cream from happy Cornish cows! Perfect with strawberry jam on scones!

We spent a few hours with logistics for another day trip, and then prepared a light supper. Cleaning up is done, and now it's time for a shower, and then some reading before bed. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Stay tuned...

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