Sunday, September 27, 2015

Back Streets, Beaches, and the Full Blood Moon

Today was another easygoing day. After a leisurely breakfast, I attended to some banking, and scheduling, and Anne did some reading.  About noon we decided to go take a walk as it was another absolutely gorgeous day outside.

Our walk took us down a street we hadn't explored before and to our surprise, we happened on an old well that had been planted with flowers.  It had a bench nearby, and on the wall was a plaque indicating that it was originally a well that served the village.

We continued walking until we came to the SW Coast Path which follows the coast of Cornwall for 630 miles. The views, wildlife and heritage have inspired numerous artists and writers and it’s regularly used as the setting for films and TV shows.
Our walk took us to an old bridge, built in 1837, that fords the Red River where it empties into Mounts Bay.

We decided to walk down to the water's edge and do some beach-combing. Accustomed to the snow white sand of the Florida Gulf Coast, it was a real treat to walk along a beach made up of pebbles and stones. They ranged in size from a grain of rice to softball size and larger.  Oh, but the colors, and textures were just amazing!  I came away with quite a collection of pebbles, a couple of interesting shells and two pieces of sea glass!  Yay me!

Tonight is the Full Blood Moon, and we wanted to try to get some good photos of it coming up, so we found a spot at one of the boat landings and waited. It was cold and windy, but we persevered and the moon finally started peaking over the hill we were watching.  Anne got the best photos of the moon, since I didn't bring my telephoto lens with me on this trip.  But I got a couple of decent ones and some nice pictures of the sunset, so it was worth the time we took to do it.

The lunar eclipse is early in the morning, here in Europe, so we are going to set our alarm for about 2:45 am so we can watch it before it reaches totality. You lucky folks in North America get to watch it at a reasonable hour!  Don't be looking for photos, because we are not equipped to take anything that sophisticated! Tomorrow's another day so stay tuned!

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  1. I'm looking forward to the Blood Moon. The last one in, I believe, 1982. I saw from a beach in Southward, Suffolk